The Secrets to Getting Booked on Local and National Media (again and again)

Discover the method that has earned 100% of my client's media appearances.

After watching this training, you will walk away with…

  • A better understanding of what it takes to CRUSH it on camera — no more secrets! As a former news anchor, I will tell you everything you need to know.
  • A knowledge of how to prepare and execute your appearance so that you’ll be invited back again and again.
  • A clear picture of the ROI you’ll receive once you invest in elevating your brand and business through media training.
  • An opportunity for a free 1-1 coaching call to get you started on becoming a go-to media expert in just 6 weeks!

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As a former news anchor with over 15 years of experience working at the TODAY Show, NBC News, and CNN, I know what makes a great TV News Appearance.

I also know the secret sauce for perfecting your pitch and then NAILING it on camera so that you’re invited back as the go-to media expert again and again.

I’ve trained tons of individuals — like you! — on how to do this, and have helped every single one of them get media appearances on news programs like CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, and more.

And during this quick, 30-minute coaching session, I reveal all my insights on how you can do the same and go from ‘best-kept secret’ in your field to authority in the media.

Here’s what graduates of The Green Room have to say:

“The Green Room has been transformational for me and my business.”

Before working with Lynn, I had never been on TV but wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with the masses.  Not only did she give me everything I needed to be good on TV but she opened the doors for my first booking.  They now are front and center of my website and have led to more clients and business!  Highly recommend it!

Dr. Lisa Palmer
Artificial Intelligence Strategist

For anybody that wants to get their message out whether it’s any media outlets, television appearances, or even just being a better speaker, Lynn Smith is somebody that you absolutely want to work with hands down.

“I just finished The Green Room coaching program with Lynn Smith, and I just can’t express my gratitude enough and how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. Lynn Smith is literally the epitome of knowing what she’s talking about when it comes to media appearances. But it goes farther beyond that, she can teach you how to get your message out in the most precise and most effective way to the masses.

Yun Rhee
Chief Empowerment Officer, Elevated Human Experience

“I can't say enough good things about The Green Room with Lynn!”

“It was a big decision and investment but so well worth it! Within the first week, Lynn had me on TV feeling totally confident. Her approach is direct, easy to understand, and executable. Lynn gives you everything you need to know, from how to show up as the expert that you are to how to land media appearances too. She is truly gifted in her technique, but her genuine compassion takes it to the next level!”

Angie Wisdom
Life and Business Coach

“Working with Lynn has been a game changer. ”

 When I started her course I did not think I had a voice, an audience or a format to even get started in news television. Her programmatic approach gave me the confidence and a format to execute like a seasoned professional in my appearances.  I was booked right away and I’m getting regular news coverage.  

Being on the news as an expert in my field has had a major impact on my business helping me raise capital, close more deals, and pick up clients.

Lynn is smart, sweet, and a blast to work with!”

Jarrod Guy Randolph
“America’s Real Estate Expert”

“Lynn is a true pro and I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Before working with Lynn, I had very little media training and no idea how to go about sharing my expertise with a TV audience. After her training I not only knew how to show up on camera and talk in soundbites but I realized what makes me a great TV guest so I was invited back. The ROI on this exposure has been significant and we’re thrilled with the brand awareness it has created for our team and the work we’re doing. Over the years I’ve hired many consultants and few have created such impactful results in such a short amount of time.”

Jessica Kriegel
Chief Scientist for Culture Partners

“Lynn delivers!”

She has a great eye for how to position your message at the right time for the right audience. She is patient and committed to her craft. She is a joy to work with and I’m so excited for all the amazing impact we will have together. ”

Melissa Simkins
Founder The She Suite

“Lynn is amazing! Highly recommend!”

“Her well-prepared lessons and expert guidance have given me the confidence and skills I needed for public speaking and media engagements. So grateful for the coaching, encouragement and connections Lynn has graciously provided.”

Angela Gennari, CMP

Founder & CEO at TITAN Global Enterprises Inc.

“Lynn is honest, fun, and super talented.”

Before working with Lynn, I struggled with my energy on camera, talking in soundbites, and understanding what makes a GREAT pitch.  It was an excellent experience and I improved on all of the above. I also got a better understanding of how to drive my desired outcome.”

Mark Scribner
Managing Director, Private CFO, oXYGen Financial

“I’ll double down any day on the recommendation of Lynn Smith because among many gifts and talents she has two that tower: substance of a curious leader that rose to the top ranks of national media, and style of a fast growth Entrepreneur.”

“Both attributes shined brightly when she co-hosted a CliffCo event where she lit up the room, emotionally and intelligently connecting with some of the best Entrepreneurs all over the country and across all industries. Before the event started, we shared a rapid exchange of information and Lynn said “let’s go.” For the next 2.5 hours we all saw two things: high performer and a great human being.”

Cliff Oxford
Founder, STI Knowledge | Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

“Book Lynn as a coach right now (like RIGHT NOW) if you want to go to the next level! ”

“What can I say about Lynn Smith other than she is the absolute best? I have worked with Lynn for the past eight months and I am astounded by her ability to help you find and center on your true purpose. I have called Lynn five minutes before a television interview just so I can hear her say “you got this!”. She has opened doors for me that I didn’t think were possible! Thank you for everything, Lynn!”

Jason Greer
Labor and Diversity Expert
CEO and Founder of Greer Consulting

“Lynn is absolutely Amazing!"

After months of searching for a Media Trainer and filtering through so called "Experts", I was referred to her by a good friend.I knew after our first conversation she was the the right fit for me. She helped me with my confience on camera, setting up a professional home studio and She also had me booked on a News Outlet within our first week of working together. If you are looking to become a "Go-To" Expert or looking to build authority in your market ... Just Stop and Sign up right NOW!! You will not be disappointed.”

Matt Meehan

Host of The Liquid Lunch Podcast and Founder/CEO of Shield Advisory Group

Hear what it’s like to work with Lynn Smith

Kimber Hill, Founder of Virtforce

Dan Gingiss, International Keynote Speaker


Dan Gingiss, International Keynote Speaker


Jennifer Quinn, Digital Marketing Expert at JennyQLive

Dr. Katy Huie Harrison, of Undefining Motherhood


Dr. Katy Huie Harrison, of Undefining Motherhood


Bryan Kramer, CEO of H2H Companies

Katy Blommer, Founder of Women’s Best Life University


Katy Blommer, Founder of Women’s Best Life University


“Not only did it raise my visibility and help to instantly generate new leads during an economically challenging time in the pandemic, but the credibility alone helped me to land five figures in speaking engagements.”

“As a global keynote speaker and data storyteller, working with Lynn was truly an eye-opening experience. With just two hours of coaching, I went from never being on TV, to owning my weaknesses, crafting my story, putting together a winning pitch, and then BOOM I was on TV! I’m forever grateful, and will continue to unleash my story to the world. Super grateful I found Lynn and her program.”

Mico Yuk
CEO BI Brainz and Entrepreneur

“Our average new client at oXYGen is now up by an additional million dollars of investible assets due to my media exposure and the interview techniques Lynn taught me over the years.”

“I feel so fortunate that Lynn Smith trained me to be a media expert. I had no idea what kind of impact it would have on my business!

Ted Jenkin
Co-Founder and CEO Oxygen Financial

This Training is for you if…

• You know you need that ONE opportunity to get exposure but aren’t sure where to start with getting booked.

• You want expert intel on perfecting your performance and pitch on camera so that you stand out from the competition as an expert.

• You’re looking for a new way to propel the growth of your audience and business.

CEOs, thought leaders, experts, and coaches cannot become a go-to authority without getting media exposure.

Don’t let this be a blind spot holding you back from growing your credibility and the bottom line of your business…

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